Since each piece is uniquely hand sculpted and hand painted, the entire process will take approximately 4 months. To aid in planning you will be provided a list of what is needed to get started. Your original topper will come with cotton gloves for careful handling and with a glass dome showcase for future dust free display.

The fee for these ‘one of a kind’ treasures will vary based on size and level of detail. Remember, each sculpt is as unique as you are. Please contact Margi for a quote.

The toppers shown measure approximately 8.5” high with a 5” base and weigh less than a pound.

Payment terms:

All specifications, terms and timelines will be outlined on your purchase order for your review. Once your reference photos have been received and the estimate has been approved, a 50% deposit will be required to begin sculpting. Approximately 10 weeks later you will receive photos of the wax sculpt for your comments and approval. At this point adjustments can be made. On your approval, the wax will be molded and the resin painted. Again you will receive photos for your approval of the paint. With receipt of your final approval and the remaining balance your topper will be shipped.

It would be a pleasure to coordinate with your bakery or wedding planner to assure that your Wedding Cake Presentation is a highlight of your special day. And, of course, the spotlight will

be on you!

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