Thank you again for all your efforts in sculpting the cake topper for Niki and I. It was an amazing addition to a wonderful day. Niki and I were impressed with all the detail that went into the sculpture from her hair style to the dress and the flowers and my vest and cuff links. I caught a glimpse of it before the ceremony started and was awe-struck with how life like it is. Our photographer even suggested that we could use the cake topper stand in if Niki and I got tired of posing for pictures. While planning the wedding, I received some advice suggesting that I make sure to get a good photographer because the ceremony and reception will pass to quickly but the pictures will last a lifetime. I will be sure to add the cake toper to that suggestion when I pass along advice. We have ours proudly on display for everyone to see and to remind us of what a wonderful day our wedding was.

Thank you again for everything,

Justin Yabrof

As lovely and joyful as the wedding was, the highlight was the amazing cake topper... it nearly stole the show. It was such fun to be nearby where we could hear people’s reaction as they realized the perfect likeness of the bride and groom. Every nuance was captured so flawlessly, from the stature, embrace, & facial expressions, right down to the lace, cuff llinks, and pinstripes! Nothing compares to this most unique special touch, that will be raved about for long afterward. It’s the best way imaginable to set your wedding apart from all the rest. And what a fabulous keepsake for a constant reminder of that special pledge of love for one another. What an incomparable gift for a lifetime.

With love,

Joann Yabrof

We just loved the cake topper for our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding cake! The details were just perfect! It is amazing to me that this could be done from photos! The topper looks just like them! It really is something to be treasured! The expressions on their faces, the bridal gown, the tuxedo, bouquet, boutonniere... even the script on the base matched the script from their invitation.

Everyone was just amazed! One of our favorite photos, is the Bride and Groom, standing behind the cake, possed just like the cake. People who see that photo cannot believe it!

We enjoyed working with you, and cannot wait for our daughter to get married, to have another of your wonderful Cake Toppers!

Thanks so very much,

Donna and Chuck Currie

As one of the floral designers for Matt Currie and Lindsay Rich’s wedding, I wanted to comment on the beautiful cake topper you created for them. I had seen the pictures of Lindsay’s dress in advance, and your detail was exact! The entire piece was done with an incredible amount of detail. Also, it was the perfect size diameter (5”), as most top layers are 6”. Very well done.


Mari Ramirez

My husband and I had the privilege of attending our two eldest nephews’ weddings this past year. Both married The Girls of Their Dreams and each couple now cherishes their unique Caketop by Margi as a reminder of those Magical Momments.

Tho’ we consider our nephews and new nieces immensely beautiful, “lifelike in appearance” fails to aptly descibe the impressive sculptures. Truth be told: The adorable personalities of each bride and groom, the the love they share for one another, literally radiate through every remarkably intricate detail. Not only were the guests astonished... but the bridal couples were amazed (and grateful), as well.

LOL re those little clones jumping down to join us on the dance floor!!!

Thanks, Margi for blending your obvious lifelong talents and current passion to create these treasured keepsakes...

Absolute Works of Art!

Wedding Must-Haves for the new decade!

Jan & Jeff Float


We cannot describe the work you can create with your imagination and creativity through your hands. Thank you so very much for all the love that you put into making an incredible memory for us! Bryan and I have the cake topper on display at home as a fabulous reminder of the happiest day of our lives and all the people who worked so hard to make it that way. We’re grateful that you shared such a masterpiece with us and hope others discover your craftmanship and appreciate if for what is: truly amazing!

With all our love,

Amanda and Bryan

What a talented lady. The likeness of the bride and groom is quite extraordinary. Every detail captured. What a wonderful way for them to remember the joy and beauty of their special day.

Linda Frattalone

Seriously adorable!

Margi’s cake toppers are fantastic! When I heard that Amanda and Bryan had ben duplicated in tininess, frankly I was prepared to be underwhelmed... the potential for creepiness seemed huge. But I was so pleasantly surprised to see the little people on top of the wedding cake... they looked just like the newlyweds! COOL! Margi’s masterful work actually captured their personalities, too, which in this case worked out great. :) Very impressive, not creepy, truly delightful, highly recommended!



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